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We don't rest until your project is perfect – that's an Ad Jedi promise.
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What our customers say
  • minesbrianna
    "Once again, another fantastic video done within 24 hours. This company is really good and one of the best values on market. This is second request from them in 2 days and i`m ordering 10 more videos now for how good they are. Thank you guys very much!"
  • jacksonkombrink
    "I am so happy with my experience with this team! They took exactly what i said and made something even better than i could`ve imagine! I only had one revision that needed to be made, but they were quick to act on it. I would absolutely recommend having your advertising video with this group, I promise you won`t regret it!"
  • burnellreliford
    "This is by far the BEST an FASTEST work i`ve seen. This is my 2nd purchase and I will absolutely use this seller again. Thank you so much. If you`re thinking about this service, message them directly and they will show you the amazing work they did."
  • kynans
    "Took less than 24 hours to receive the finished product! The fact they are able to create captivating advertisements without having the physical product is mind-blowing. These guys are no joke and will 100% be hiring them again!"

  • sidekixtbm
    "I`ve had ordered from these guys 4 times. There seems to be a full team of them and even if it`s 3 am in Ukraine I get answered immediately, I requested a slight modification and they were happy to do it and quick to get it done. The gold standard as far as me and my buddies are concerned."
  • justfred
    "I believe this is AT LEAST my third time doing business whit these guys. I was so happy with the past video ads they have done, I was so ecstatic to see he added 3 other formats for my various digital media needs (all included in one package). The turnaround time is mind blowing. The quality is consestent and reliable. And the price is extremely fair. I am very reluctant to ever do 5-Star rating but the sellers earns it every single time. Thank you!"
  • Dmytro Okhrimenko
    Founder & CEO
  • Dmytro Boiko
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Danylo Sharii
    Chief Marketing Officer
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✔︎ One video ad in any format (Full HD, square, vertical)
✔︎ 24 hours delivery
✔︎ 20% discount for all available packages
✔︎ UNLIMITED revisions
✔︎ Engaging the first 3 seconds to grab attention
✔︎ List of Top 10 most relevant products of the month

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Basic Package
One Fully Optimised
Video AD
✔︎ Square format (most suitable video format for Instagram and Facebook)
✔︎ 48 hours delivery
✔︎ 24/7 customer support
✔︎ 100% money back guarantee
✔︎ Royalty-free background music
✔︎ 3 revisions
Split Testing Package
✔︎ Square format (most suitable video format for Instagram and Facebook)
✔︎ 48 hours delivery
✔︎ 24/7 customer support
✔︎ 100% money back guarantee
✔︎ Royalty free background music
✔︎ 5 revisions
✔︎ Engaging the first 3 seconds to grab attention
Three video ads for 1 or 3 products
Three Fully Optimized
Video ADs
✔︎ Square format (most suitable video format for Instagram and Facebook)
✔︎ Engaging the first 3 seconds to grab attention
✔︎ 48 hours delivery
✔︎ 24/7 customer support
✔︎ 100% money back guarantee
✔︎ Royalty free background music
✔︎ 7 revisions
Two Fully Optimized
video ADs
Limited Offer Only 9 packages left
Two video ads for 1 or 2 products
The difference between packages.
Comparison of current packages
24h delivery

Professional designer is working on creative the video

You d` ont do anything with you hands

Unlimited revisions

Personal designer

30 day money back guarantee

20% discount for all devices

Full HD format

Square format

Vertical Format

The list of top products of the month
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